Developing those who lead

We believe that everyone is a leader and we all need to continue developing personally and professionally. Our Center for Leadership provides many opportunities to grow as a leader worth following. Whether it’s connecting with our monthly Loudoun Leadership Breakfast, our Altitude Training, or one of our workshops, coaching programs, or resources, we want to encourage and equip you to increase your influence and multiply your impact in the lives of others. We want to see everyone in our community flourish and for our impact to even flow beyond to other parts of the country and world. Everything rises and falls on leadership and so we want to help people be the healthiest and most fruitful leaders they can be.  Learn more about our opportunities below.

Aug 9, 7:30am – 8:30am (2nd Tuesday of each month)

Join us each month for this simple but powerful time to be inspired, encouraged and equipped to grow as a leader worth following. Come connect with others and enjoy a delicious breakfast as we hear from a seasoned, creative and strategic leader on one critical principle of leadership they’ve learned and applied on their jou

Launches Sept 8, 2022

A 12-month weekly process designed to help you to grow as a leader worth following in each circle of influence in your life. Receive practical tools to help you achieve higher levels of influence and performance, self-awareness, and practical solutions to the real world challenges you face.