Developing those who lead

The Leesburg Junction is a positive and collaborative co-working environment that is affordable and flexible. In addition to a great place and group of people to work alongside, we also support our members and the community by providing various leadership development events, programs and resources to help them grow as leaders worth following. And as you get what you need you are also helping those in need as all our profits go to practically help people in need in our community.


1. You Join and Work

In one study on co-working, almost 90% of coworkers reported that they are happier since joining a coworking space and more than half (55%) strongly felt that they are part of a community. (Need we convince you anymore?)

2. We Give the Proceeds to Local Nonprofits

Your membership goes to support local non-profits where every dollar of profit is spent on building up the community you live in. This also allows you to have access to local non-profits so that you can volunteer or provide partnership opportunities for your employers.

3. Together we empower the community

No really. It's true. Together we can empower the community we live in and bring purpose to our everyday work. 

Coworking Membership Packages

 Leesburg Junction offers a convenient and flexible work space for you to accomplish your mission and realize your vision in a positive, creative and collaborative environment.

Use the contact form or email to inquire about our coworking memberships or room rentals

Flex Space: First come first serve in open work space

Price: $149/month

Dedicate Desk: Permanent desk in open area

Price: $325/month

Private Office: Lockable offices of various sizes

Price: $600 – $1,200/month